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Warmest thanks to our creative team!

For its second edition, Diner en Blanc Ho Chi Minh City was a very special night in the city and we owe a huge thank you to our entertainers, performers and creative team who helped set the atmosphere for our great time.

BorisOur returning DJ

Starting this adventure 3 years ago the initial 2 partners were cruising around Saigon's dance music scene, always looking for the balance between crowd pleasing anthems and a sharper selection to lead the dancers toward the night. The remaining half of the duo, who kept Sweet B. as an identification mark for the nusical personality they built up together, is pursuing this project to gather the different entities of dancers on one unique dancefloor througout an energetic atmosphere made of Disco, House and Techno sonorities.

JonathanOur DJ

Never afraid to go too deep, Jonathan’s emotive musical selections are his own therapy. This Belgian born and bred DJ has been thunderstruck by his hometown’s impressive electronic music scene since 2004. Never gets bored of playing tunes; he started from his basement and worked his way to Belgian clubs. He spent one year in Hong Kong before finally arriving in mélange Saigon in 2016. Saigon's scene has an important impact on his music perception. Being a producer in his spare time, Jonathan wants to release his own track someday. Mostly techno, influenced, the best place to express himself is definitely behind the deck.

Julien Noyer – Our returning VJ

Julien Noyer was born in Paris and grew up in the south west of France. He always had a creative mind and started to draw at early age. He went to an Art and Craft high school where he studied graphic design and got a diploma in Webdesign and Video editing / FX.

After working as a web designer and graphic designer he decided to take on new challenges and started to experiment 3D mapping and VJing.

He currently resides in HCM which has allowed him to express his art to its fullest capacity as a 3D Mapping Artist and VJ.

He played in most venues of the city and participated to few festival as Quest festival, Oxymoron and Kaleidosoup.

It’s the second year that he’s playing to DEB.

Daniel Day Long – Our VJ

A native from New York City, Daniel Day Long is a visual artist making installations and designing atmosphere for event spaces; with his stage designs and projection lighting. He’s roamed the streets of Saigon for the past  years and likes to mingle in the Music and Art scenes, creating melting pots of events that combines both medians.

Morgan Ommer – Our official photographer

Having successfully taught myself how to hold a camera, I discovered an alternative to spending all my time in an office.This made me cheerfull, pleasant and very attractive to intelligent men and to all women.

I love to take portraits and snapshots using a rangefinder, so as to avoid the Canon-Nikon debate. Mostly I do not use flash, the “caught in the headlight look” is not something I particularly fancy.

I strive to one day accomplish some quiet subtle thing that the elect would deem worthy and, passing on, would join the dimmer stars in a nebulous, indeterminate heaven, half-way between death and immortality.

In the meantime you can find my work in publications such as Time, Monocle, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Travel + Leisure, and other local magazines.

Nguyen Van HoanOur official videographer

Creativity is part of my life as far as I can remember. Through many years, I've learned, tried and experienced many ways to communicate ideas, deliver emotions, create new concepts... in a nutshell: telling stories.

I've always been an outsider regarding new technologies. And I'm always in search of new medias to help me improving my capacity of telling stories. So it came naturally to me that movie making was the best way to satisfy my hunger of creativity as it lets me capture your attention, your emotions and your empathy.

Once again, my capacity of self-teaching was highly requested to cover this huge technical & artistic field. It was also an important time & financial investment for me.

I long to direct my own cinema movie one day. But for the time being, I sharpen my skills while directing short movies and other corporate productions.

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